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Natural Gas

What Does Deregulation of Gas Markets Means to Consumers?

Deregulation means exciting new choices for consumers. Consumers continue to receive the same reliable service from their utility, but they simultaneously benefit from the innovation, customer service, and competitive pricing that a deregulated market fosters. Accelerate Energy continues to be a market leader when it comes to providing cost effective gas and electricity to consumers.

What You Need to Know?

Your gas bill is comprised of two major components:

  • Energy Supply, The cost of the electricity you consume
  • Energy Delivery, The cost of delivering the electricity to your location

Utilities purchase energy for customers from the same wholesale market that Accelerate Energy does; however, most utilities purchase energy on a periodic basis that may vary from state to state.

At Accelerate Energy we partner closely with natural gas suppliers to ensure you a more competitive low cost energy solution. Accelerate Energy can provide your business with pricing tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.

Energy Procurement

Follow these easy steps towards energy savings for your company:

  • Step 1. Free Energy Savings Consultations
  • Step 2. Efficient Utility Sourcing
  • Step 3. Savings Delivery

...all of these will ensure the ongoing Account Management is made easy.

Call today to confirm your free no obligation Business Energy Assessment.


Green Facts

27% is used for industrial purposes such as waste treatment and incineration, preheating of metals, and food processing.

30% is utilized for the generation of electricity. This refers to electric companies that proclaim their use of clean burning fossil fuels.

21% is piped in directly for residential consumption as cooking and heating fuel.

The remaining 8% is used for other purposes like vehicle fuel or gas industry operations.