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How Can you Cut Your Electricity Bills?

At Accelerate Energy, we focus on our customers needs. We gain an in-depth understanding of your business, its electricity needs, your current energy plan and provide you with a more effective cost saving solution.

How We Can Help You

At Accelerate Energy, we offer the following serivecs to to fit our clients needs:

  • Commercial Supply
  • Industrial Supply
  • Residential Supply
  • Small Business Supply

Our Plans and Rates

Variable Rate Plans (index) are ideal for medium or large businesses who expect market rates to fall over the short-term or for businesses who can adjust their electricity usage according to market conditions. Variable rate plans provide customers with maximum price flexibility.

Fixed Rate Plans are the perfect solution for businesses of any size that do not want energy rates to vary with market conditions. This plan “locks in” the electricity supply charge over a set time period and eliminates customer exposure to market volatility.

Combination Plans are ideal for businesses with a low-to-medium tolerance for risk that have one consistent level of electricity usage, but total usage can still fluctuate. This plan combines the best of fixed and variable rate plans by providing budget certainty through a fixed rate for the consistent, ‘base’ load of electricity for the specified time period combined with a variable rate for the fluctuating load.

What happens when Accelerate Energy finds me a lower cost energy solution? There are no switching fees, no interruptions in service, no maintenance fees, and no cancellation fees when you select a more cost effective energy solution for your business.

Energy Policy Act (EPACT) tax incentives

There is no fee! Accelerate Energy’s Advisors are energy experts with years of direct industry expertise. We pride ourselves in providing high quality service along with cost effective energy solution to each and every customer.

How do I connect with an Accelerate Energy Advisor to see if I might be able to save on my energy bills?

Utility rebates are available for commercial and industrial customers that perform a lighting retrofit. Accelerate Energy will help you receive the maximum rebate possible and file paperwork with your utility.

Call today to confirm your free no obligation Business Energy Assessment.